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Photo listing : cycleways (problem)

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Trees and bushes need to be kept cut back properly to maintain full width of path - and also around lamp posts to ensure good lighting

More free and covered cycle parking + better advertised

Provide cycle parking here

Provide Cycle Parking here - none convenient for the market

Narrow carriageway to provide space for footpath and cycletrack. Ped. footpath too narrow under bridge

Not cycleway, but the temporary bollards have had the benefit of calming traffic (Ione lane instead of two) making it saver for pedestrians crossing, which they do, as well as cyclists turning right from Aylestone Rd heading south into Chur ... [more]

Pave the desire path between the crossing and the bike lane. It's nearly impossible to cross London Road from the end of St James's Road -- much easier to use the nearby crossing, but that dumps you on the wrong side of the bus stop. Moar p ... [more]

Needs to be put back here [??]

Getting from the bus lane / cycle way heading north along Aylestone Road across to the Welford Road cycleway outside the gaol to head into town is not at all easy . There's little space to get off the road at the traffic lights to cross - ... [more]

The mess of pedestrian and cyclepaths along this section of the pavement between the intersection of Freemen's Common Road and Putney Road needs to be sorted out. It's a huge mess . . .

A bike box is required here on the northbound lanes of Saffron Lane at the intersection of Aylestone Road - to protect cyclists and to stop cars squeezing past cyclists waiting at the lights.

Narborough Road is difficult and dangerous to cycle down and does not leave enough space for pedestrians or cyclists. No idea if it's realistic to become one way for motor traffic but that would be a way of creating more space Narborough Ro ... [more]

Widen if possible and paint 'keep left' and directional arrows to ensure distance and safety.

Widen and resurface the shared path - the shared path through this section of the meadows from the carpark to the river has been neglected for years, and the path has narrowed due to lack of sweeping, build-up of leave litter and mud and en ... [more]

Make Savoy St 2-way for bikes or else it doesn't solve the problem of cycling away from St Margarets. Or make Churchgate 2-way. Whatever.

Check out the desire path between the crossing and the bike path. This needs paving. There are 4 ways for Clarendon Park people to get into town, but no easy way for them to get to Highfields. Odd.

There is a cycle way under the bridge, however there are bollards in place and no way through for wheelchair adapted or bicycle taxi type bikes.

Traffic has to cut across the bike/bus lane to turn left. Frequently drivers don't look to make sure not cutting in front of cyclists.

This is a difficult section of road where traffic including lorries and buses frequently does close passes at speed. There is not enough room in stretches for safe overtaking and traffic often does not wait for road to be wider.

The inner ring road desperately needs to be made safe for cycling

Sharp turns onto narrow bridge make it hard for cyclists and dangerous for pedestrians.

Car drivers almost always in advanced stop lines inbound and outbound, a lot of aggression shown to cyclist here too as well as close passes

Make 2 way for cyclists

For cyclists make this road 2-way to link the new bridge with Cossington Street recreation ground

This would make a great alternative to the busy Belgrave Road and Loughborough for cyclists if a cycleway was included in the pedestrian only sections or Ross Walk along with a contraflow cycle lane on the 20m of Ross Walk that has been mad ... [more]

No easy way of accessing the on pavement cycle way. Going against the flow of vehicular traffic on Jarrom Street causes confrontation, and isn't always safe (limited opportunities to pull over, not enough room for car and bicycle to safely ... [more]

Pop up Covid Cycle lane instead of the bus/cycle lane is not used very much, it has caused accidents and reduces the width of the road slowing down emergency service vehicles attending emergency incidents. Please put it back to the bus/cycl ... [more]

Shared pedestrian and cycle pop up (with wider bollards for cyclists) during rush hours 7.30-9am and 3-5pm

Firstly well done for putting the cycle lane up the middle of Belgrave gate after the flyover. this was a no brainer and has made my cycle commute much safer. slight improvement would be a access ramp slip way (with small speed bumps to sl ... [more]

Blind corner on right looking up Tower street. road is hidden by prison wall heading if up cycle lane towards town across tower Street. Mirror needed for cyclists and pedestrians to see cars coming from right hand side. Numerous near misses ... [more]

Scary to cycle along this stretch. Too congested all the up to Humberstone Rd. Why hasn't anything been done on this part of town??

Safe route needed for cyclists. Get too many fast and close passing motorists.

Dropped kerbs WITH BOLLARDS to allow it to be easier for cyclists without having to disembark...especially when cars/vans have obstructed this.

Hazardous spot. Need signs advising all users to keep left and to look for other users when turning out onto Great Central Way. Also if cyclist coming from Gt Ctl turning left towards pebble beach there is reduced visibility which is hazard ... [more]

Wider crossing point so pedestrians and cyclists can social distance. Also gives more space so that cyclists can 'get in lane' rather than potentially bumping into people when crossing Upperton Road.

A bridge for cyclists to cross Upperton Road and head straight into Bede Park. Safer for all and would encourage more people to cycle.

Wider crossing space on both sides for social distancing and also generally so there is more separation between cyclists and pedestrians for safety. Not always clear which direction others are going in.

Limited space to pass even without need to social distance. Bollards need widening so that cyclists and pedestrians can pass safely. Suggest clear cycle and pedestrian lanes from Bede Park to the Boulevard.

Safe cycle crossing lane/point clearly marked on road so that cyclists do not have to go on the pavement and cross with pedestrians.

Traffic measures to stop speeding down Narborough Road especially heading towards City. Unsafe for cyclists on road where cars do not have enough time or sense to overtake sensibly.

Pot hole (years old) just as you get over to the left side of Narborough Rd, if turning from Fullhurst Avenue, before the bus lane starts. This risks cyclists being thrown off course at a particularly dangerous place.

Existing uncontrolled crossings, vehicles travel fast across junction - need raised table (or similar) to reduce traffic speeds and give cycleway priority, and/or controlled crossings to help pedestrians & cyclists cross safely

Existing uncontrolled crossings, vehicles travel fast across junction - need raised table (or similar) to reduce traffic speeds and give cycleway priority, and/or controlled crossings to help cyclists & pedestrians cross

Existing uncontrolled crossings, vehicles travel fast across junction - need raised table (or similar) to reduce traffic speeds and give cycleway priority, or controlled crossings

No signage to inform users they need to cross to anticlockwise side of ring-road to continue eastwards along Krefeld Way - existing path to the north of Krefeld Way stops at the subway and doesn't continue to Strasbourg Drive, only the exis ... [more]

Build new off-road cycleway between service road & A563 - plenty of room and verge is currently parked on by residents

Existing uncontrolled crossings, vehicles travel fast across junction - need raised table (or similar) to reduce traffic speeds and give cycleway priority

Existing uncontrolled crossings, vehicles travel fast across junction - need raised table (or similar) to reduce traffic speeds and give cycleway priority

Existing uncontrolled crossings of Glenfield Road - need raised table (or similar) to reduce traffic speeds and give cycleway priority

Existing uncontrolled crossing on Park View, tight corner heading northbound and turning traffic presents a hazard, cycleway needs priority/raised table etc

Existing uncontrolled crossing with poor sightlines especially if heading northbound - ideally needs Toucan crossing/Zebra or raised table etc to slow traffic down

There needs to be a short set of railings at the bus stops to prevent passengers disembarking from bus and walking straight across cycle way, they are oblivious with their headphones on to me falling off my bike as they step out into my pat ... [more]

Existing cycle path is not wide enough given how busy and fast the road is

There is no overground route signed to avoid having to dismount and use the narrow tunnel towpath. Dangerous and badly lit.

This cycle route is incredibly uneven, dark and dangerous to navigate. It needs resurfacing, lighting and better signage.

Motor vehicles use the cycle lane, need a more secure separation.

Almost impossible to cross here at rush hour

Blind corner for cyclists, been a few near misses here

Improve road surface, pop up cycle lane resembles the ventoux cobbles

Improve road surface

More signage to make it clear that this is a shared footpath/cycle route

Speed bumps or gravel entrances to the park aren't particularly cycle friendly

Cycling North from Aylestone is tricky getting to the bike track on the other side. A bicycle ramp would be useful here so its easier to join the shared path to cross the roadway.

The second stop signal is too high to see for cyclists. Have to stop very far before the line to see the signal properly. Often you cant see when it changes to green.

Cycle pathway needs improvments please. Going up the hill the cycle path dumps into a one way street. No signs to alert drivers or pedestrians. Can't use road because of barriers and high speed traffic. A better pathway for both pedestrians ... [more]

Traffic lane here is narrow and cars swerve left towards the curb to avoid turning cars. Had numerous and countless near misses here.

This section has no cycle lane. Traffic islands are very dangerous for cyclists as cars and trucks try to squeeze between you and the islands coming very close at high speed. Cycling up the hill does not feel safe either.

Prevent vehicles illegally parking on cycleway here to pick up people or wait for delivery orders

Difficult to access / exit the Ashton Green Road cycle route when travelling to / from Greengate Lane - needs the dropped curb & signs moving to be opposite Greengate Lane.

No cycle lane so its cost in congestion

A contraflow cycle lane here would provide a convenient shortcut for cyclists and remove the need to cycle along Uppingham Road which can be daunting on a bike

This rough area of ground would make an ideal place to have a track where people could learn to safely ride a bike if there was a bike share scheme they could use

This corner is so dangerous for children to cross. As it’s a roundabout cars speed so fast children do not stand a chance. Needs a cycle lane so children can ride to school and be safe instead of people moaning they are on the pavement

Guilford Road is the only relatively safe link for cyclists wanting to travel from Knighton, Wigston, Aylestone, and Eyres Monsell areas to join Sustrans Route 63 or to connect with Evington, Crown Hills, Thurnby and Scraptoft areas. London ... [more]

Vehicles constantly used for parking. Bollards similar to those in Welford Road. The drop kerbs are used by vehicles to gain access to park. Civil enforcement officers are unable to issue directly to the cycle way and have to issue to the r ... [more]

Is there a reason for riding on the righthand side for the new cycle lane? Maybe it's so you're facing the traffic, I'm not sure, you could have laid it out so you were riding on the left and furthest away from traffic. Anyway it's confusin ... [more]

No cycleway on Belgrave Road. The road is reduced to a single lane each way with NO Provision for cyclists!

Up to this point it's a separate pedestrian path and cycle path on a wide grass verge. They then merge to form just one narrow pedestrian path down to the Beaumont Park entrance. Suddenly there is nowhere for the cyclists to go. There is ... [more]

Cars parked on both side of the road and cycling on footpath too narrow. Difficult to see oncoming traffic and as you cycle downhill, often cars will pull out of junctions without consideration for cyclists. It would be better to have c ... [more]

A segregated cycle lane

The cycle lane is too narrow. Perhaps the crosshatching in the centre of the road could be removed, the traffic islands narrowed and a lane on each side of the road given over to cycling. PLEASE! :)

Please could you drop the kerb here to make access onto the cycle path easier (and get rid of the painted NO CYCLING signs while you are at it!) Thank you

The cycle way along London Road heading north into the roundabout goes onto the pavement and then swerves back into the road into the bike box infront of the traffic. This is ok if the traffic is stationary, but potentially very dangerous ... [more]

This tunnel should be upgraded into a cycleway with signposting. I only discovered it by chance recently. It allows cyclists to leave the busy/dangerous barkby road and access appleton park and the quieter streets around.

Please sweep the pop up lane. Pine cones all over it

Path along grassed area needs widening to accommodate both cyclists and pedestrians

Suggested Docking station for proposed new bike hire scheme

Suggested Docking station for proposed new bike hire scheme

Suggested Docking station for proposed new bike hire scheme

Stop cars parking in the Stoneygate rd cycle lane.

Stop cars parking in the Stoneygate rd cycle lane.

This junction is dangerous when heading straight on towards Abbey Park, due to cars heading left onto the A607. Review this whole junction.

For some reason, this junction sees a very high incidence of cars jumping the red lights. Especially noticeable when crossing Narborough Road from Briton St. Needs evaluating.

There needs to be more clearly defined and signed cycle access through here because this public highway has become part of the DMU campus.

Make 2 way for cycles, like some of the neighbouring streets

Cycleway to the cultural quarter - Phoenix Squasre & the Curve

Would be a good cycle route if the surface was better. Badly broken up tarmac on concrete base needs to be avoided at the moment.

Give the GCW priority over the road at this location. It is a major cycling route into the city, and only a minor road entrance to the trading estate. It is currently unsafe for cyclists. Put in give way signs and a stop line for cars plea ... [more]

I have several times nearly been run over here by cars turning onto Granby Street from Northampton Street who do not stop at the stop line and do not look down the road as they are not expecting cyclists coming towards them from the right h ... [more]

Apologies - I put a comment on Mostyn Street which should have gone here - about stopping cars parking in the cycle way and segregating it

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