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Photo listing : tracks

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Encroaching vegetation has reduced the width of tis near-school pavement by at least a foot

Vehicles driving unchallenged down Gallowtree Gate as the bollards at the Granby Str end have been left down all year. Vehicles are also driving across the corner from Granby Str, between the new cycle docks and the circular seating to ente ... [more]

Whilst the alley linking the market place and Town Hall Sq is much better, it has now been made to look like a road to some drivers who mount the kerb and cross the pavements to drive through it. This despite the planters that have been pla ... [more]

Add a pavement - make Bramley Rd a cul-de-sac not a through road

Low Traffic Neighbourhood to increase pleasantness of the area and park, preventing rat run and commuter parking and fly tipping

If the council is going to make Braunstone Gate a LTN, then police it to make it effective or don't bother!

If the council is going to make this an LTN, then police it to make it effective or don't bother!

Paint directional arrows and 'keep left' advisories at major points on the whole length of the Great Central Way to encourage people to stay to the left - allows for better social distancing, better flow of cycles and pedestrians and thereb ... [more]

The mess of pedestrian and cyclepaths along this section of the pavement between the intersection of Freemen's Common Road and Putney Road needs to be sorted out. It's a huge mess . . .

Cars parking on pavement, speeding - actually driving straight on and off from the road - someone will be killed, needs concrete bollards please.

It's great to see this going one way for most motorised traffic. It already feels a safer space for cyclists. I hope this will be made permanent, if not fully pedestrianised and cyclised (new made up word) 😊

The council built a lovely trellis here for growing brambles and stinging nettle . . . given the area can no longer be mowed as previously, the council must keep bushes cut back properly and safely to ensure they don't encroach on the path. ... [more]

The pavement along this stretch of road up to the narborough road junction is very narrow, shrubs are overgrown & encroach on the pavement. Although there's a 30 mph limit on the road most drivers seem to exceed it, walking along here feel ... [more]

Create a clear walking path and improve walking routes

Don't put the bike share here -- it gets in the way of the footy game.

Wider footpaths and pavements. Also install barriers to stop cars parking on the pavement. This section gets very busy during school runs.

Wider footpaths and railings to stop cars parking on the pavement

Cars speed down Somerset Avenue

Please remove pop up lanes and re-instate parking. They do not work, dangerous and a nightmare for buses, pedestrians and cyclist. Stop using covid as an excuse

Street lights are needed along the road down the park, right to the bottom near playground. It is so dark and when we take our dog the visibility is zero in the evenings.

Bus stop no longer usable due to the new vanity project which is these cycle lanes. Further to walk for people struggling who need to get on the bus

Massive unsafe bellmouth. Narrow or block up

Massive bellmouth here unnecessary and a pedestrian danger. Narrow or block up

Cars regularly park on pavement here, surface is ruined. Place bollards or planters to stop this

Wider dropped kerbs to make it easier for pushchairs/cyclists/wheelchair users.

Widen footpath and eliminate wooden bridge as impossible to social distance as the bridge is so slippery in all weathers. Keep left signs to make it easier for cyclists (and all).

Wooden bridge is incredibly slippery especially because of location and in winter months. No railings so a fall to either side could be deadly for some.

Needs drainage or resurfacing. In wet weather this path is impossible to walk on and going on the side to grass is also dangerous. A popular path for cyclists too so resurfacing would be ideal especially as it leads to pebble beach.

Impossible for prams to go down these stairs without another person assisting. Please make a path.

Bump in surface when riding on left away from City - hazardous for cyclists.

Cameras and fines in place for those who use this as their dogs toilet.

Very bumpy towards edge so cyclists/pedestrians cannot safely use this - resurface please. Especially dangerous for young children and pram users when feeding ducks.

All major pavements should have signs to advise pedestrians to keep to the left in England. Makes it easier if cyclists have no choice but to use the road and allows pedestrians to socially distance more easily as people do not realise if s ... [more]

There needs to be lights along the road going through the park from the main gates. It gets very dark as the evenings draw in and I take my dog for a walk and it is a struggle to see.

Complicated junction for cyclists and pedestrians.

Path too narrow opposite school. Outside shops

Narrow path with overground hedge.

There is a dip in the side of the road and collects a large puddle just at the pedestrian crossing. Please arrange some drainage.

Cars parked on one side and cycle lane on the other

Pedestrianised the street, except for deliveries. Bikes and pedestrians have a hard time sharing the narrow pavement

Walk does not feel safe at night with barriers all the way down walk and the high fences as if walking on own no one can see what is happening on walk

All the paths in Victoria Park...they are far too narrow for the numbers of people walking and running.

The double yellow lines coming off the Hinckley Road onto Western Park Road should be made longer into the road as vans park right at the end blocking the road when entering Western Park Road from Hinckley Road.

Poor connectivity from paths through playing fields and meadows. Narrow carriageway and provide high quality pedestrian crossing in line of existing paths

Poor connectivity from paths through playing fields and meadows. Narrow carriageway and provide high quality pedestrian crossing in line of existing paths

Overgrown bushes. Barely space for one person to walk

Public foot path going into the cemetery is narrow and overgrown with bushes

Hedge is intruding on the pavement

Widen this busy path to allow more space for both pedestrians and cycles

Give pedestrians and cycles right of way at this junction. Cars still rat run and speed down the hill

Belvoir Street should be made pedestrian and cycle only, perhaps with a two way segregated cycle lane in the middle of the road and pavements widened or simply all one level. Belvoir street is often closed to traffic in the evenings so it s ... [more]

Cars turn left off Waterloo Way at high speed with poor visibility for pedestrians crossing towards station. Could the kerb line be adjusted to reduce the radius which would slow traffic and also reduce the width of the junction for pedestr ... [more]

No pavement to SE side of road after Lancaster Rd

Resurfacing of broken footpath

Cars drive and park on the footpaths (to shop and collect food deliveries). This is dangerous and reduces the footpath to single file at best. Only allow the coop to access parking on the pavement via automated barrier

Fully pedestrianise Foxon Street

There is not a suitable safe footpath across Watermead Way from Redhill roundabout to Melton Road Leicester. There is also not a safe cycle lane along the same road. It is very unsafe for pedestrians and cyclists and needs looking at as soo ... [more]

Please do something about poor parking on the pavement and on the corners at the junction. Double yellow lines are generally ignored which makes cycling out into Evington Lane very dangerous.

Can the pavements be converted to cycleways as there is enough room particularly on the University side/Wyggeston QE side. The road is also is dreadful condition with pot holes and loose substrate and could do with a new surface all the way ... [more]

Pavements on Wyngate Drive are being used as cycle lanes making them unsafe/stressful to walk on for residents and pedestrians. Can we have signs reminding cyclists to respect the safety of pedestrians by keeping to roads or designated cycl ... [more]

Close to traffic so Blue Boar and other hospitality businesses can have outdoor seating, pathway for walkers and cyclists also welcome.

Widen the paths to make it nicer and safer to walk to the shops

Widen pavements and stop pavement parking so it's easier to walk to town/Aldi/shops.

Imposible to keep even a 1m distance due to the cars parked on the kerb. It is a disgrace that in 2020 UK citizens with mobility problems, families walking with pushchairs, and vulnerable people have to use the road as the footpath is block ... [more]

Path needs completely relaying as it very uneven and makes using a wheelchair or pram/pushchair very difficult and there is drainage issue into subway so during the winter it gets very icy and dangerous to use

Bins left out on narrow pavements outside Gas cottages on Aylestone Rd even though all have front gardens and entry's to back yard. Been like it for years, no enforcement even though they're a hazard on match days especially night matches. ... [more]

Need part of bus cycle lane to widen pavement- or specific cycle corridor within bus lane to stop people cycling on pavement which is too narrow even for walking safely distanced

Need part of bus cycle lane to widen pavement- or specific cycle corridor within bus lane to stop people cycling on pavement which is too narrow even for walking safely distanced

Narrow pavement between Aylestone Rd/Saffron lane junction and Raw Dykes Rd. Have to walk in the road to pass others with social distancing

Parts of the path way alongside the racecourse are completely overgrown by hedge - this makes it impossible to walk run or cycle in this area if there is another person. Every time we walk this way I have had to take my young children onto ... [more]

Very dangerous to cross Queens Rd here from the jitty to the houses. A crossing point for families and children going to school. A pelican crossing?

A paved path all round the park would be great for cyclists and wheelchair users.

Railings near 167 Linney Road need removing completely due to making it difficult for emergency services to access houses that back on the alley way and it not safe to walk down at night as railings make you feel trapped.

Revert back to original parking to save the shopping in the area. Make it safe for buses, people and cyclists, unlike the new layout which works for no-one

Cut The grass on Pavement to make extra space on both sides of Gipsy lane

The pathway alongside the canal/river is quite narrow at some points. This is a well used route for many people. Bike riders should have a separate cycle path from pedestrians as collisions between bikes and people happen. I have been walki ... [more]

Valence Road has a huge mouth where it joins Braunstone Ave. Should be narrowed and perhaps a garden

Big gate at bottom of Rannoch Close needs changing to a fence to stop motorcycles speeding down path.

Double yellow lines on on or both sides of all of the surrounding roads. Clear the streets of so many cars! These roads weren’t made for cars! The storage of peoples private property (cars) is not a human right. Buy a house with a drivewa ... [more]

Double yellow lines on on or both sides of all of the surrounding roads. Clear the streets of so many cars! These roads weren’t made for cars! The storage of peoples private property (cars) is not a human right. Buy a house with a drivewa ... [more]

Where the path crosses the entrance to the carpark here, the ground is incredibly uneven and floods all the time. I often have to walk around on the road to get past it

Nedham Street has double yellow lines on one side, and allocated parking on the other. As cars illegally park on the double yellow lines, drivers now park half on the pavement on the opposite side to avoid their cars being hit. This mean ... [more]

The speed of traffic on this road is very off-putting if you are on foot. It should be a 20mph road so residents feel comfortable crossing

Widen the pavement to improve the situation at drop off and collection times to the school where we have difficulties with parking on pavements and zig zag lines at the front of the school

Widen the pavement

Widen the pavement and stop parents parking here so there is more safe space for school children

Widen the pavements so there is more room for children walking and cycling to school

Widen the paths outside the school so its safer for children

Stop cars parking on the verges so there is more room for school children

Get rid of the parking space and make more room for children to walk and cycle

Stop parents parking on the verges here

Widen the footpaths for people and school children to socially distance

Stop pavement parking so there is space for people and school children to social distance

Widen pavement to improve social distancing outside school. Also make 1 way,

Pavement needs widening both sides of the crossing. There are shop entrances at the crossing

There are often many bins left out on the pavement and cycleway for long periods along here. Needs to be incentive for residents / shops to clear their bins away off the pavement.

Any improvement work on Queens road needs to take into account the consequent increase in traffic using the adjoining roads as rat runs. Protection for them would be essential.

Need to find ways to stop cars being parked on double-yellow and pavements, in normal days as well as in current times. The walking pop-up on Green Lane road is unhelpful - it's causing unnecessary higher traffic on East Park Road and i ... [more]

Cars are allowed to park on both sides of the road which doesn’t leave enough room for two lines of moving traffic. Please put double yellow lines down the school side of the road leading to London Road. Also please make the pavement wid ... [more]

The bushes need to be cut back at the north corner of Krefeld Way and Anstey Lane roundabout. Half the path width is over grown, which prevents users passing safely

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